Allah certainly has unique ways to show His love.

This is the real life journey of Mas Afzal. A journey that brought tears into my eyes.

There is a boy who wishes to accomplish many things in his life. He worked his socks off in school, strived for excellence and eventually garnered top grades in his studies. He wanted to fulfill his lifelong ambition of becoming a good doctor, and his wishes came true when he was offered a scholarship to pursue medicine.

Until this point of time, life has always gone by his wishes. What he aspired in life all came true. Growing from a little child into adulthood has been a rewarding experience for him, one filled with joy and happiness. Even though there were bumps along the way, he felt that nothing could stop his march towards achieving great things in life.

He wanted to become a successful doctor, treating people to his best ability so that by the will of Allah, he can save lives, just as how he imagined it to be when he was a child. He dreamt of building his own family and raise beautiful children to bring joys into his life.

But this is when his life took a turn for the worst, as he is afflicted with a test he has never thought could jeopardize all his plans. He might not be able to live up to his dreams of being the best doctor possible. He possibly has to forget his plans of having his own ideal family and his very own beautiful children. The so many great things he aspire in life might just in the end, be dreams.

Oh, how cruel can a twist in life be. A minute you’re on top of the world, but by the next blink of the eye, here you are, as low as you can get.

The boy could have easily felt shattered and despise his luck. But before emotions run over him, he is reminded that this is what life is all about.

He knew that he can only make so many plans in life, but the ultimate end is in the hands of His God. Things might just not go by his plan, but he must teach his heart to accept fate. He must tell himself to believe in the wisdom of the things that have been decreed upon him, by his Almighty Creator.

No affliction befalls in the earth, by way of drought [for example], or in yourselves, such as illness, or the loss of a child, but it is in a Book, meaning, the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfūz), before We bring it about, [before] We create it — the same is said [to be true] of [God’s] graces — that is indeed easy for God. [57:22]

No matter how hard things can be, the boy knew he must try to swallow it. Bitter it might taste, trials and tribulations are part and parcel of life. He knew that life in this world is only temporary, a transition point, before he embarks on an eternal journey in a different place. A place he hopes to be in, where he knows there will only be joy and happiness therein, with no pains and sufferings. A place where whatever the boy wishes, will come true. A place that boy knows as Jannah, or heaven.

But until that time comes, the boy knows that he has to keep on fighting. Life is indeed a struggle, and what has transpired over the last year or so has taught him a lot about fortitude.

The boy is not going to let the things he experienced over the last week to deter him from BELIEVING. No matter how far the boy falls down, he will get up again. And again. And he will do so until His Creator tells him that it is TIME.

From; Not the Primrose Path. By Mas Afzal

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