Khutbah Jumaat; Identity

The topic seem very simple, but the presentation of the Khatib really profound. IDENTITY, that is the topic of the Khutbah. What is identity, why identity is important and how identity can lead us to the good life hereafter.

What is our identity? It is very simple to know what is our identity by looking at our daily life. How we dress? What we do? What we say? Example;

How do we greet people? Do we say Hello or Assalamualikum?

What we say when we are sneezing? Is it God Bless or Alhamdulillah?

The answer can lead us to what identity we are belong to. Is it a Muslim Identity or somebody with no identity.

The Culture where we live in can influence our identity. Some of our identity was SWAP away by the local identity…it is not to say local culture can bring bad Identity because there are also a lot of good Identity that we Muslim have to adopt. In Europe the people practice “open and display relationship” or in straight forward words, u can kiss, u can do whatever you like in public. That is the identity that is not acceptable as a muslim. But in this same country we can see that the people are very self-discipline, they do not give a burden to animals etc. These are few things Muslim should adopt in their identity. In fact this are the identity that the Rasulullah sallalahualihiwassalam taught us 1400 years ago.

Good Muslim identity is a signals of what someone’s life in the next life of akhirat.

How to have good Identity? Here ae the Tips.

  • Earn it from knowledge.
  • Mingle in the right environment.
  • Learn from the companion Sirah
  • Hadith. Practice what the Rasullulah Sallalahi Alaihi Wassalam taught us.
  • Make the whole Islam as the way of life. Do not only choose certain part of it and leave another part of it..


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