It’s Friday…

Time passed by like a rocket…..very fast, unnoticed.

It’s friday again, this week it is the Asian  khatib turn to give the sermon. Not sure if he is a Malaysian or an Indonesian..I guess that is not what we should look at, I believe that it is not important compare to the content of the sermon..

Today’s Khutbah is about time. The important of time and how do we as a Muslim must be responsible to time given by Allah.

Most of us think that losing money or property is a big lost…but it is not because those things are always replaceable. How about time? What is if we lost a moment to score in the exam? What is if we lost the moment to spend with family, parent, the people that we love? The time that we spend yesterday won’t be the same with the time that we spend today..That is why time is priceless..replaceable..

What are the things that as a Muslim must look at when talk about time..these are among the point that I can recall..

1. Use it as effective and as efficient  as we can…

2.Do not procrastinate..when you think of doing something it now..

There are two gifts that human always take for granted…

The First one is health…the second one is TIME….

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