Khutbah Jumaat

It is very excited to wait every Friday to listen to the Khutbah in Portland Mosque, Nottingham University. I can say that among the things that make it a little bit different from the other Friday prayer’s khutbah that I had attended in other places are the issue that the khatib touch on, the rotation of khatibs from different countries and the way the khatibs enthusiastic presentation on the khutbah.

That is not the things that I want to discuss…

The topic of today’s Khutbah really attracts my attention. It was about “The Qiyamah or the resurrection day”. Currently a lot of people are discussing and some of them to the extent predicting that the end of the world will come in 2012. There is Hollywood’s film producer that had rake millions of dollar from the story telling of this end of the world tale.

What are the impacts of this issue to the Muslims? While, believing in Al-Qiyamah is considered a fundamental of faith by all Muslims, predicting of the day is none of our business. The Quran reminds us that this universe has been created temporarily and at an appointed time it will surely be annihilated. The exact date and time of this event are known to Allah Alone.

Among other points that I can remember is to always remember the small qiamah, that is the day we die. The khatib had asked do you know if we can still meet next Friday? What he trying to say is actually, the answer of the question shows that no one really knows of the secret that only Allah knows. The only thing that we as a Muslim can do is to be well prepared to face the day. Not to question when is the day to happen and forget to do the more important things which is the preparation for the day.

So, do we prepare to face the day?


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One thought on “Khutbah Jumaat

  1. dr

    no one knows when it’ll come…

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